4D Lotto Result Today and Past Results

4D Lotto Result - See the latest 4D Lotto results today from the Philippine Charity Sweepstakes Office (PCSO) drawn every Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 9:00 PM

4D Lotto Result - Monday, June 17, 2024

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Today's draws include 2D Lotto, 3D Lotto, Megalotto 6/45, Grand Lotto 6/55. Find the most recent combined results for all these games from this link.

4D Lotto Result - Friday, June 14, 2024

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Last 15 Draw History of 4D Lotto

The table below shows the last 15 draws of the 4D Lotto. In the past 15 days (from May 10, 2024 to June 12, 2024), 454 lucky winner(s) have won the jackpot prize.

Draw DateWinning CombinationsJackpotWinner(s)
June 12, 2024 2-6-6-9 ₱17,271.00 48
June 10, 2024 5-8-5-6 ₱20,256.00 43
June 07, 2024 8-6-5-2 ₱50,104.00 20
June 05, 2024 1-2-9-1 ₱42,846.00 23
June 03, 2024 0-4-8-2 ₱103,637.00 10
May 31, 2024 3-9-7-9 ₱46,326.00 19
May 29, 2024 1-1-6-9 ₱15,282.00 53
May 27, 2024 2-4-8-2 ₱48,843.00 20
May 24, 2024 8-0-3-3 ₱55,260.00 17
May 22, 2024 9-6-5-7 ₱69,862.00 13
May 20, 2024 2-2-4-0 ₱28,159.00 35
May 17, 2024 0-7-0-3 ₱18,351.00 49
May 15, 2024 9-6-1-1 ₱48,145.00 11
May 13, 2024 3-8-9-0 ₱58,779.00 16
May 10, 2024 8-5-5-8 ₱10,000.00 77

Recent 4D Lotto Trends

Below are the numbers that have occurred frequently four times or more, as well as the listed numbers that have appeared less frequently, such as three times or fewer; along with the numbers are their respective draw dates in the last 60 days from April 20, 2024 to June 17, 2024.

Most Frequently Drawn Numbers

Jun 12
Jun 10
Jun 17
Jun 14
Jun 10
Jun 17
Jun 17
Jun 05

Less Frequently Drawn Numbers

No less frequently drawn numbers available at the moment.

4D Jackpot Prize History Chart

In this chart, you will find the last 3 months data of 4D Lotto from March 22, 2024 to June 17, 2024. The Average Jackpot Prize is ₱42,900.22 while the highest Jackpot Prize is ₱110,487.00. There are 1239 Jackpot Winners during this period. As of now, the current prize for 4D Lotto is ₱10,000.00.

How to Play 4D Lotto

Ready to test your luck? Here is how to play 4D Lotto to make sure to enjoy the game to its highest potential.

  1. Pick Four Numbers: The first step is choosing the numbers that give you a certain feeling of luck. You can choose from numbers 0 to 9.
  2. Choose a Play Type: Now decide what type of play you want to execute. You can choose “Straight Play” where you have to match all of the winning numbers in the right exact order. However, with the “Rambolito Mode,” you can as long as you have matched the winning numbers in any order.
  3. Select Your Bet Amount: It is time to bet on your ticket! You can now choose how much are you willing to bet on the exact numbers with the play type you chose.
  4. Decide on Draw Times: There are scheduled draw dates for 4D Lotto, these dates are happening three times a week every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. You can choose what draw dates that are fit for your schedule.
  5. Pay and Get Your Ticket: Finally, once you have made your choice and the bet you want to push it is time to pay the total amount of your bet. After paying you will receive your official ticket that serves as your gatepass for endless possibilities.

You’re all set! Now that you have your ticket in your hand, the excitement and thrill begin. May the luck be with you and play responsibly.

How to Claim Your Prize

Have you won this time and are wondering how to claim your prize? Here is the guideline on how to claim your prize from your winning ticket.

  1. Visit the Nearest Outlet: Head into the nearest PCSO Lotto branch with your winning ticket with you.
  2. Ticket Verification: Before proceeding to the claiming process, you have to first present your winning ticket and your identification card to ensure that the ticket is rightfully yours.
  3. Claim Your Prize: Right after the successful verification, you can finally claim your prize! Congratulations on your well-deserved win!

The process of claiming is a very straightforward process that does not require any long paperwork which is why it is important to act promptly as soon as you win the game.

Important Reminders

  1. Draw Schedule: The 4D lotto draw are being conducted every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday so it is important to always tune in to the latest updates of the draw schedule to experience the thrill of the game.
  2. Age Requirement: Before participating, the player should reach the age requirement which is 18 years old and above. This policy ensures a safe and fair environment created for the community and every player.
  3. Prize Taxation: every price that amounts to Php 10,000.00 is subject to 20% taxation which is under the TRAIN Law. Please be aware of all of the tax implications of your winning to avoid confusion.
  4. Ticket Care: Another reminder to please ensure that your ticket is safe and kept to its utmost perfect condition, Do not fold, iron, soak, or even write on the paper except from the designated area where a player should sign and write his/her name.
  5. Name and Signature: Please ensure that your name and the signature you provided on the ticket are appropriately intact, this is to make sure that the ticket is rightfully yours with your signature on it.
  6. Draw Schedule Changes: Monitor if there are occurrences of adjusting the draw dates or schedules, especially during special and regular holidays.
  7. Scam Awareness: If you encounter individuals who are pretending to have access to the next winning numbers, ignore these scammers who will eventually ask for money, personal information, cellphone loads, or any digital assets.
  8. Play Safely: Lastly, PCSO’s main priority is your safety so it is crucial to follow all of the safety procedures and standard precautions to maintain the environment for every player.


Where can I find the summary of 4D lotto results?

Don’t worry, I got you! Check the 4D lotto result summary here by clicking the highlighted text which will redirect you to the page of the result and summary.

Can I play 4D Lotto online?

Thanks to E-Lotto from PCSO, you can play 4D Lotto online easily. This new way lets you join 4D Lotto games from wherever you’re comfy, making online gaming super convenient.

What happens if I lose my Lotto ticket?

Unfortunately, every lost ticket is no longer applicable for the verification and claiming process. Every ticket must be safe to ensure your triumph!

Can I change my numbers after purchasing the ticket?

No, once you have successfully purchased your ticket given by the teller, you can no longer change your selected numbers on your bet. Please make sure to always double-check every number that you will be before confirming the purchase.

Is there a limit to the number of times I can play in a day?

No, you can play as many times as you like every day> However, play responsibly and only bet the amount of money you are willing to bet with your allocated budget.

How long do I have to claim my prize if I win?

After the draw date, the winner will be given a one-year allowance to claim his/her prize. However, it is advisable to act promptly to celebrate your success as soon as possible.

Can I share the prize with someone else if we both pick the winning numbers?

Considering that the system recognizes a prize per ticket. If you share the ticket with another individual, you are accountable to also share your winning prize with them.

What if I miss a draw time?

No worries! Draw dates are conducted throughout the week, and if you happen to miss your scheduled draw, you can always catch up here on this website to make sure that you’re well informed with the latest happenings as well as the results and the summary of every lotto game.

Is there a specific time to claim my prize?

No, you can claim your winning prize any time as long as you claim it during the operating hours of the nearest PCSO Lotto outlets you are heading to. Check the regular operating hours to prevent any hassle with our claiming process.

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