6D Lotto Result Today and Past Results

6D Lotto Result - See the latest 6D Lotto results today from the Philippine Charity Sweepstakes Office (PCSO) drawn every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday at 9:00 PM.

6D Lotto Result - Tuesday, June 18, 2024

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Today's draws include 2D Lotto, 3D Lotto, 4D Lotto, Megalotto 6/45, Grand Lotto 6/55. Find the most recent combined results for all these games from this link.

6D Lotto Result - Saturday, June 15, 2024

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Last 15 Draw History of 6D Lotto

The table below shows the last 15 draws of the 6D Lotto. In the past 15 days (from May 11, 2024 to June 13, 2024), 5 lucky winner(s) have won the jackpot prize.

Draw DateWinning CombinationsJackpotWinner(s)
June 13, 2024 6-8-8-4-0-1 ₱2,481,260.16 0
June 11, 2024 2-6-9-3-1-7 ₱1,764,993.20 0
June 08, 2024 4-9-4-2-0-0 ₱1,417,307.40 0
June 06, 2024 4-9-2-3-5-6 ₱818,226.20 0
June 04, 2024 5-9-6-6-6-2 ₱408,191.00 0
June 01, 2024 7-0-8-3-0-2 ₱1,200,156.00 2
May 30, 2024 0-0-3-2-0-3 ₱1,624,721.88 0
May 28, 2024 5-2-6-8-6-1 ₱1,019,495.56 0
May 25, 2024 5-0-6-4-4-8 ₱622,498.00 0
May 23, 2024 9-4-9-6-0-9 ₱1,327,903.00 1
May 21, 2024 3-3-1-9-4-0 ₱572,981.72 0
May 18, 2024 6-1-5-7-5-3 ₱479,721.72 0
May 16, 2024 5-5-1-7-5-8 ₱150,000.00 1
May 14, 2024 9-4-4-0-5-5 ₱3,651,809.00 1
May 11, 2024 2-4-1-7-3-9 ₱2,849,957.24 0

Recent 6D Lotto Trends

Below are the numbers that have occurred frequently four times or more, as well as the listed numbers that have appeared less frequently, such as three times or fewer; along with the numbers are their respective draw dates in the last 60 days from April 20, 2024 to June 18, 2024.

Most Frequently Drawn Numbers

Jun 18
Jun 18
Jun 06
Jun 18
Jun 15
Jun 11
Jun 18

Less Frequently Drawn Numbers

No less frequently drawn numbers available at the moment.

6D Jackpot Prize History Chart

In this chart, you will find the last 3 months data of 6D Lotto from March 21, 2024 to June 18, 2024. The Average Jackpot Prize is ₱1,453,920.67 while the highest Jackpot Prize is ₱3,827,491.00. There are 13 Jackpot Winners during this period. As of now, the current prize for 6D Lotto is ₱3,827,491.00.

How to Play 6D Lotto

Playing 6D Lotto is just like formulating a combination of codes that gives you a chance to win a jackpot prize that can change the track of your life in just a snap! Here is a detailed guide on how to ensure an exciting experience while preparing yourself for endless possibilities.

  1. Select Your Lucky Numbers: First is the most important step, take a step back and imagine yourself in a universe of lucky numbers, choose those numbers that make you feel different things. You get to choose 6 numbers ranging from 0 to 9, this step is a very crucial process so make sure to take your time.
  2. Choose Your Play Type: Now for an experience you don’t want to miss, it is time to choose how you want to play the game! You get to choose a variety of play types, this option allows you to play with your strategy whether it’s for the first 5 or the last 5 numbers. Your approach will all depend on you to give you an extra level of excitement.
  3. Mark Your Bet: Now after finalizing those numbers you can now mark your bet with the amount you want to proceed. This will always depend on your strategy.
  4. Await the Draw: Now add Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday to your reminder to make sure that you will catch up on the draw dates.

How to Claim Your Prize if You Won

Thinking of how to claim your prize? Here is the guide on how you can claim your prize to execute a flawless transaction with your claiming process.

  1. Claiming in Outlets: If you win amounting from 20 to 10,000 pesos, you just have to head into the nearest authorized PCSO outlet and present your winning ticket.
  2. Visit PCSO Branch Offices: If fate is indeed in your favor and you won big this time, you have to go to the nearest PCSO Branch Office. Make sure to bring two valid IDs and of course, your winning ticket which will serve as your gate pass to the great prizes.
  3. Claim at PCSO Main Office: Now it seems like you won the grand jackpot prize! if you win the jackpot, you can head into the main office of PCSO right on the second floor to claim your well-earned prize.

Important Reminders

Before anything else, please be reminded of these important notices to ensure a smooth flow of the game and to experience the excitement and thrill to its highest potential.

  1. Be 18 or Older: For every participant, every player must submit to the age requirement which is 18 years old or above. This age requirement will extend up to the process of verification once he/she wins the game.
  2. Ticket Accuracy Check: Please make sure that you are betting to the right numbers you choose, always double-check the details, and also your personal information to avoid complications.
  3. Play Responsibly: Although a lot of people are making the lotto as a shortcut to the greatest fortune, do not forget to have fun and enjoy the game by also reminding yourself to play responsibly and only be in the amount that you are willing to play.


Got more questions? I got you covered! Here are the Frequently Asked Questions and I will respond to each of the questions so that you’re well-briefed and aware of the system that PCSO requires you to follow.

Where can I find the summary of 6D lotto results?

Looking for the latest summary? you can find the 6D lotto result summary by tapping the link that is highlighted in this sentence. This will redirect you to the exact page of the lotto result summary.

How much can I win with 6D Lotto?

The prizes to win will always depend on your bet and the type of play you choose. The higher to bet the larger the possible prize to win. Also, its prize increases if there are no winners.

Can I play 6D Lotto online?

With the PCSO’s latest E-Lotto, you can easily play 6D Lotto online. This new method allows you to join 6D Lotto games wherever you are.

What happens if I lose my winning ticket?

Regrettably, one you lost the ticket, you lost the chance to win the prize. The lost or destroyed tickets are no longer subject to verification or claiming process. Keep it safe as it plays your only key to fortune.

How often are the draws held?

The draw for 6D Lotto is conducted every Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday at 9:00 PM.

Is there a minimum age requirement to play 6D Lotto?

Yes, every player must be at least 18 years old and this requirement will also apply throughout the verification process once she/he wins the game.

Can I choose the same numbers for consecutive draws?

Yes! If you are taking of certain set of numbers and it gives you the feeling that this is the day that you will be the next lucky winner, you can always bet on the same number for up to 6 consecutive draws.

How are prize payouts determined in 6D Lotto?

Here in the 6D Lotto, the prize payouts are operating through a pari0mutuel system. This system depends on a generated number of every winner in a particular draw. For example here in the 6D Lotto, the pari-mutuel system is specifically applied to the 1st price amount. This allows a variation in every winning prize on the number of lucky winners.

What if there is no 1st Prize winner for a draw?

In the occurrence of this scenario, the 1st prize winner for this particular draw will be pushed forward to the next scheduled draw. It increases the excitement and anticipation considering that the jackpot is growing larger and larger.

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